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HotelLighting.co.uk is a division of Lighting Enterprises, a project lighting company with over 35 years experience.
● As a family owned business, Hotel Lighting is deeply committed to every client it takes on, and wants them to feel a part of their team as they work together. This involves free consultancy and lighting specifications when the opportunity is given to quote, a 3 hour response to all queries, sourcing and value engineering to save money, and bespoke manufacturing for specific needs.
● The portfolio will show you their extensive experience with hotels, supplying bedroom sets, bespoke crystal chandeliers, exterior and spa lighting, LED strips, to name but a few. It is also worth noting they have multiple solutions for large and over-sized pendants and chandeliers, perfect for hotel lobbies or foyers.
● They have an incredibly efficient logistics department who provide competitive rates for shipping lights to locations across the world. They also offer a drawdown stocking solution to ensure the smooth roll-out of large projects.
● Its team members are from a multicultural background and enjoy working with clients on every continent. They are sensitive to specific country needs and can provide, by appointment, a Sunday consultancy service to friends in the Middle East.
● They source from hundreds of manufacturers across the world, in order to meet specifications, budgets, time and repeatability needs.
● An energy efficiency audit service is offered, whereby existing lighting is assessed for potential savings. A quotation for bulb and lamp replacement with LED alternatives is then provided. Energy savings can be as much as 85% for hotels migrating from halogen or incandescent lighting.

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